Indonesia - 2000/1 East Kalimantan

I worked in Indonesia during 2000 and 2001. These are pictures that I took during my work in East Kalimantan.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ya Ya and me at the kitchen area

Our lunch being prepared


Some of the SKJ catering staff with me and Bill

Balikpapan showing houseboat people

The helicoptor that took me to work - (sometimes). Other times it was a 5 hr run by landrover and fast work boat up the Mahakam River Delta to Tambora from Balikpapan

Far away in Balikpapan this is where and how the bosses live. Slightly better than our abode!

Lunch time at the SKJ Camp. mmmmm

Our drinking water filtration unit at the SKJ Camp.

My washing out to dry!

Our work boat speeds away from Tambora on the Mahakam River

The snake that nearly killed me!

The Mahakam River Delta

TOTAL Indonesie Tambora Site where I worked

Ya Ya with her new Husband

Ya Ya our Chef

The SKJ Site that was "Home"

The catering staff at SKJ camp

Our transport to work every day was by fast work boat "Nebung" 1/2 mile across the Mahakam River

Its HOT! in my office

My Bedroom at the SKJ camp near Tambora

The ONLY Cafe for miles

A local Cafe (THE ONLY ONE) where we could get a beer after work. It was a 10 minute boat ride away from our camp.

The finished Gas Compression Facility at CPU Tambora